AMD teases its next-gen Radeon GPU's 4K performance

Expect 60 plus frames per second at 4K in modern titles like 'Borderlands 3.'

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AMD Radeon 6000 series GPU

We’ll have to wait until October 28th to get a full look at AMD’s new Radeon 6000-series GPUs, but the company offered a tease of what we can expect from its latest graphics cards at the end of its Zen 3 keynote.

AMD showed off a benchmark of a ‘Big Navi’ GPU, paired with the company’s new Ryzen 5900x CPU, running Borderlands 3 at 4K and a consistent 60 frames per second at the game’s “Badass” quality preset. The company also shared a performance graph that showed the same combination of components averaging 88 frames per second in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and an average of 73 frames per second in Gears of War 5 at 4K. One thing to keep in mind is we don’t know which of AMD’s new GPUs put up those numbers. It could be one of the more affordable models the company plans to release, or, more likely, a top-tier variant designed to compete with the RTX 3080.

We’ll have to wait until later this month to get a better idea of how AMD’s new GPUs compare to their NVIDIA’s latest RTX 3000 GPUs. But if the company can avoid supply shortages, it could take sales away from NVIDIA.

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