iOS 14.4 rolls out with Bluetooth audio monitoring

Apple has fixed security flaws in iOS 14 that may have already been actively exploited -- update your devices ASAP.

Mat Smith / Engadget

Apple has started rolling out iOS 14.4 to iPhone and iPad users. While not as a meaty of an update as iOS 14.3, it comes with a handful of small enhancements. To start, you’ll find a new option within the Settings menu that allows you to designate the type of third-party audio devices you’ve connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth. Doing so will help your iPhone properly measure your headphone audio levels so it can send alerts if you’re listening to something at a level that may damage your hearing over time.

Apple also issued a separate security advisory related to iOS 14.4. The update fixes three security issues related to the operating system’s kernel code and Safari’s WebKit engine which could allow someone to hack your device if you just happened to visit a malicious website. In all three instances, Apple said the vulnerabilities “may have been actively exploited.” The company said it would share additional details about the vulnerabilities in the future, but didn’t provide a timeline.

Apple has tweaked the camera app so that it can better recognize QR codes that fall on the smaller side, and there’s a new warning if the camera components on your iPhone 12 have been replaced with non-Apple parts.

The update comes with a number of bug fixes as well, one of which addresses artifact-laced HDR photos captured by the iPhone 12 Pro and another that tackles keyboard lag. The latter has been plaguing some iPhone users since the initial release of iOS 14.

You can also download watchOS 7.3 today, which comes with the company’s new Time to Walk feature on Fitness+ and Unity watch face. If you don’t see a notification prompting you to download the updates, you can check for them manually by launching the Settings menu, navigating to the “General” section and then tapping “Software Update” near the top of the page.

Update (3:36PM ET): Added details about the security advisory Apple issued alongside iOS 14.4.