Apple Podcasts now has support for web embeds

You can embed the Apple player with a show or episode on just about any website.

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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - June 6, 2019: Close up to Apple Podcasts app on the screen of an iphone
Savusia Konstantin via Getty Images

Apple Podcasts now has a player you can embed across the web. Anyone can now grab an embed code for a show or episode from the more than 1.5 million podcasts on the platform.

You can find an embed code from Apple Podcasts Preview pages on the web. Just click the share button for a show or episode, and then hit the code icon. The page will copy the embed code to your clipboard and you can plug it in wherever you want to. A link on the player will take you to the podcast’s preview or to the related page in the Apple Podcasts app on iOS, iPadOS or macOS.

Spotify, which has invested heavily in podcasts, has long offered embeds for shows and episodes, so Apple is playing catch up here. Still, Apple's web embed could boost podcast discoverability and help the company lure in more listeners to its platform instead of one of the many other podcast apps out there.

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