Apple will let Epic Games users 'sign in with Apple' for a bit longer

But be warned, the shutdown is still coming.

Brendan McDermid / reuters

A day before Apple was set to shut down the “sign in with Apple” prompt for Epic Games users, the company has retreated on its threat. Apple issued an indefinite extension on the matter, meaning for now, Epic Games players can still use “sign in with Apple,” but there’s no telling how long this ability will last. Epic recommends users still prepare for the method to be removed.

Two days ago, Epic warned that Apple would remove its proprietary sign-in option for Epic Games accounts on September 11th. It was the latest move in an ongoing legal battle between the two companies, largely being fought over the 30 percent revenue cut that Apple takes from most sales on the App Store.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has long railed against the 30 percent share that Valve, Google, Apple and other huge games distributors charge for participation in their storefronts, and he made a point to launch the Epic Games Store with an 88/12 split, in favor of developers.

Epic Games sued Apple over its 30 percent revenue split and the company’s monopoly-like control over the App Store on the iOS platform (it also sued Google for similar reasons on Android). Apple then removed Fortnite from the App Store, countersued Epic, and the companies have been battling legally and publicly ever since. As a billion-dollar company takes on a trillion-dollar one, indie developers and players can only watch. And appropriately update their sign-in options, of course.