Facebook releases an experimental messaging app for Apple Watch

It's meant for chatting with close friends.


Facebook has released an experimental messaging app for Apple Watch called Kit (or Keep in Touch). It appears to work in a similar way to iMessage on the device, as you can share emoji, voice messages, your location, doodles and dictated messages over Messenger with a tap.

The app, which TechCrunch spotted, can also read incoming messages. Facebook's Messenger already works on Apple Watch, but Kit is primarily designed to help folks stay in touch with close friends and family. It has a Watch-friendly interface and you won't need to pick up your phone to respond to loved ones with a quick emoji or voice message. It could also prove a useful way for you to keep in touch with people who don't have access to iMessage.

Kit is the first Apple Watch app from NPE Team, Facebook's research and development group. The team was responsible for meme-making app Whale, a chat service called Bump and social music listening tool Aux. More recently, it released Tuned, an app for couples to share things in private with each other.

The availability of NPE Team apps varies on a case-by-case basis. However, Facebook isn't shy about shutting down experimental apps that don't take off, so if you're interested in trying out Kit, it might be best to check it out swiftly if it’s on your local version of the App Store.

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