GM modernizes its logo to highlight its EV-centric future

Look closely, and you might spot the shape of an electrical plug in there.


As GM focuses more heavily on electric vehicles, the company is modernizing its classic logo. For over 50 years, the automaker had used underlined all-caps white lettering on a blue square. The latest emblem switches things up with a lowercase "gm" on a white background inside a square with rounded corners. There are three color variants: solid blue, solid black and a blue gradient.

The latter, GM says, evokes "the clean skies of a zero-emissions future" as well as the "energy" of its Ultium battery tech. Like its predecessor, the new logo has an underline. Combined with the “m,” the negative space forms the shape of an electrical plug. Alongside the logo, GM unveiled a marketing campaign centered around the Ultium platform and it’ll relaunch its website on January 11th.

GM is investing over $27 billion into electric vehicles and self-driving and it recently revealed plans to introduce 30 EVs by 2025. The company will reportedly show off some of those at its CES keynote, including an electric Chevrolet pickup.