Google's Stadia controller now works with USB-C headphones

If you're playing on the web or through a Chromecast, anyway.


The Stadia controller’s USB-C port is no longer just for charging. In a blog post, Google announced that the jack now supports USB-C headphones while you’re playing on a Chromecast or via a web browser. (It’s not really necessary on an Android device, because you’ll be connecting your headphones to the phone or tablet instead.) It’s a small but welcome addition for early Stadia adopters. The controller already has a 3.5mm jack, which is great, but the removal of that same port in tablets and phones (boo) means that a growing number of people now own USB-C buds.

You know, like the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds, the OnePlus Type-C Bullets, or Razer’s Hammerhead USB-C ANC headphones. As The Verge notes, there’s also a bunch of gaming headsets that come with USB-C adapters for wireless connectivity. Some Redditors have already tried the latter and yep, so far so good. The Stadia controller doesn’t support Bluetooth audio just yet, but Google has confirmed it’ll be offered eventually. Stadia was criticized for lacking basic features at launch, but Google has been slowly adding them over the last year. It still doesn’t feel complete, but support for USB-C audio is the latest step toward making the platform feel like a true alternative to console and local PC hardware.