Google's whole-home Nest Aware subscription is available now

The service promises a simpler, unified home security experience.

JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Google’s streamlined Nest Aware service is finally rolling out in 19 markets several months after it was first announced. As of this week, you can now pay $60 per year (or $6 per month) to provide 30 days of event video history for all your Nest security devices instead of paying per camera. Pay $120 per year (or $12 per month) and Nest Aware Plus will both double the event history to 60 days and offer 10 days of 24/7 history.

The new Aware will also record and share any event clip that needs your attention, such as a package at the door or an intruder. Your Nest speakers and smart displays will let you know if about concerning sounds, such as breaking glass or a smoke alarm, and you can take care of remote relatives if they have a Nest Hub Max.

You can switch to the new subscription if you’re an existing Aware customer, although you’ll need to migrate from a Nest account to Google if you haven’t already. And it won’t surprise you to hear that Google is sweetening the pot for both newcomers and those wanting to expand their setups under the update plan. The Nest Hub’s price has dropped to an easier-to-swallow $90 from its prior $130, while the Nest Cam Indoor is dropping from $200 to $130. Those price cuts won’t reach the Google Store until midnight Pacific (3AM Eastern) on May 13th, but third-party retailers like Best Buy are offering them now.