GoPro's new Quik app makes highlight reels from your favorite photos

It's also the only mobile app GoPro will offer moving forward.


Since 2019, GoPro has worked to streamline its two mobile apps into a single experience. As of today, that project is complete, with the company merging its GoPro and Quik apps into a single offering named after the latter. In its newest iteration, Quik also has a new purpose. According to the company, the app is something anyone can use, whether they have a GoPro camera or not, to manage their media library and rediscover their favorite memories.

At a time when so many photo library apps are adding AI components to help people cull and organize their best shots and clips, GoPro's approach is refreshingly old-school. You import photos and videos simply by using the share sheet on your iPhone or Android device. Once you've installed the app, the idea to import your favorite captures consistently. You can also copy over any media you already have in your camera roll at any time. It's a very manual approach, but the way GoPro sees it, you don't need any software to identify your favorite memories for you.

It's once your photos and videos are in the Quik app that the software does its thing. You'll see your imports live in a section of the app GoPro calls the Mural wall. As you add more photos and videos, it will organize them into events and generate highlight videos. GoPro claims those will get better as you import more photos and videos, but the app also comes with built-in editing tools, allowing you to do things like trim the length of a clip and adjust the exposure, contrast and saturation of the image. There are 13 templates to help you get started and a rotating library of royalty-free tracks that Quik will automatically sync to your highlight reels. And if all you want is a way to remotely control your GoPro camera and transfer photos and videos from it to your mobile device, Quik can do that too.

When you put those features together, you get an app that's a mix between Google Photos and Clips from Apple, and one that GoPro feels will be important to its business. The company plans to monetize Quik by introducing a new subscription. Priced at $2 per month or $10 annually, it unlocks the app's full list of features, including one GoPro plans to add later in the year: unlimited backups of any photos and videos you import into the app in their original quality to the cloud. If you're already a GoPro subscriber, Quik's premium features come included in your membership.

Quik is available to download today on Android and iOS.