Honda shows off its first electric SUV, the Prologue

And it sure looks like an electric Honda SUV.


After announcing the very cute Honda E and a long-term collaboration with GM, Honda has made its EV ambitions clear. But it's still lagging behind most other carmakers—especially its closest rival Toyota, which is rolling out its first mainstream electric car this year. To whet our appetites a bit, Honda has revealed a teaser image of the Prologue, its first electric SUV launching in 2024. And, well... it looks pretty much like what we'd expect from a Honda SUV.

The lone image, which is just a render and not a photo of the Prologue in action, shows off the SUV's clean body lines and beefy tires. The Prologue is a design collaboration between its studios in Los Angeles and Japan, and it was also developed together with GM. There's a bit of old and new here, for sure, but its relatively plain aesthetic makes Toyota's BZ4X look practically radical in comparison.

Honda plans to unveil 30 new EVs by 2030, with expected sales of 2 million units. After kicking off sales of the Prologue in 2024, Honda plans to start producing and selling new EVs based on its e:Architecture in 2026, and it'll have affordable EVs (also developed with GM) in 2027. You'll find the Prologue first in Zero Emissions states, but it should start heading to more states in the US afterwards.

Honda dealership with EV upgrades

There's only so much we can learn from a single render, but it's still helpful to see that Honda has its eye on the EV ball. The company also plans to bring Level 2 and fast-charging to dealerships around the US, as well as some slightly more modern building designs.