After a year on the Epic Store, 'Journey' is heading to Steam

It joins Valve's platform on June 11th.


More than eight years after it first came out on the PlayStation 3, almost five years after its PlayStation 4 rerelease and about one year after coming out on PC, Journey is finally making its way to Steam. The game’s PC publisher, Annapurna Interactive, announced today you’ll be able to buy the indie gem on Valve’s digital store starting on June 11th. At the moment, it’s currently exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC.

By this point, Journey needs no introduction. In its short, two-hour runtime, it manages to pack a lasting emotional punch, unlike almost any other game. In the intervening years, it’s inspired a documentary and an interactive symphony tour. Both thatgamecompany and some of the other creators who worked on the game went on to try and recreate its magic, but Journey still stands apart. With this upcoming release, Journey fans have yet another way to play the masterpiece.