Meta's customizable Quest avatars get a lot more inclusive

You can now create an avatar that better represents your true self.


Meta has rolled out software update v57 for its Quest headsets, and one of the biggest changes it brings is giving you the ability to make your avatar a better representative of your true self. When you choose a certain color for your hair and eyebrows, for instance, you'll be able to fine-tune it further through a slider that lets you adjust its depth. Yes, that means you'll now be able to more accurately pick your avatar's skin tone. You can put makeup and face paint on your avatar, in the exact colors you want, as well.

In addition, update v57 gives you the capability to unsend image messages in virtual reality and the Meta Quest mobile app. When you hover over the image in VR or click on it in the app, you'll see the option to "Unsend a message." If you choose to do so, both parties will get a notification that a message has been removed for transparency. At the moment, this particular feature is available in Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US.

If the feed that greets you when log into VR looks different, that's because Meta is also replacing Quest's Explore feed with an updated one dubbed the "Horizon Feed." It still shows content relevant to your interests, though, so long as they're age-appropriate. Finally, update v57 introduces free-form locomotion, which lets you teleport throughout your Home space instead of being confined to predetermined spots. You still can't move through walls, furniture and other objects, but you can now at least explore your environment more freely.