'Microsoft Flight Simulator' update makes the US more detailed

It adds high-res versions of many landmarks, including the Kennedy Space Center.

Asobo Studio/Xbox Game Studios

The latest major Microsoft Flight Simulator update is all about the US of A. The free World Update II patch is available now, and it should make flights over the US look much better.

Asobo Studio has added high-resolution versions of 50 landmarks. The likes of the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the Hoover Dam and the Kennedy Space Center are much more detailed. There’s also a neon-tinged night mode for the Las Vegas Strip.

Hand-crafted versions of four airports have been added — Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Friday Harbor and New York Stewart — while Asobo made “visual and logical improvements to 48 more airports.” The studio says the game has new aerial textures to improve the appearance of several states and an “improved digital elevation model.” Other changes include more randomized placement of streetlights in smaller streets and bug fixes.

The update follows a similar Japan-centric patch, which arrived a couple of months ago. If you’ve decided to stay at home instead of flying to see family this Thanksgiving amid the rise in COVID-19 case numbers, perhaps you might make the trip virtually in Flight Simulator instead. If the latest 4K trailer is anything to go by (and your PC can handle those visuals), it should be a pretty journey.