Now you can hang your NBA Top Shot NFT on your wall

If you want everyone to see your digital basketball artifacts.

Infinite Objects

You now have a way to flaunt your NBA Top Shot NFT to house guests, provided you're willing to pay a premium for it. As The Verge notes, Dapper Labs (the company behind Top Shot) and hardware startup Infinite Objects are now offering video "prints" of NBA NFTs in physical display frames. Link your Dapper Wallet and you can showcase a classic basketball moment wherever it's convenient, not just from a device like your computer. A QR code and a holographic sticker will help prove it's yours.

These are expensive pieces, to put it mildly. Attaching your NFT to a 7-inch display costs $199, while a 10-inch display will cost $399. Initial purchases should ship sometime in January. You're effectively buying a digital photo frame that can only display one picture, albeit one with intrinsic value.

There are multiple catches beyond this. You can't yet 'print' Moment Sets, Showcases or any moment that includes either a retired NBA player or anyone in the WNBA. Dapper and Infinite are working on support for all of these, but it's still an odd restriction if you were expecting these frames to serve like artwork — imagine not being allowed to buy Van Gogh prints that show the artist. Still, this does give you something to do with an NFT besides the occasional glance on your private devices.