Netflix is removing its 'basic' plan in Canada

Users will have basic with ads, standard or premium tiers available.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Users in Canada are once again serving as involuntary first adopters of Netflix's new policies. Following its February decision to charge more for account sharing between houses in the country, the streamer has now announced its basic plan will no longer be an option for Canada's subscribers, The Winnipeg Free Press reports.

Anyone already on a basic plan doesn't have to worry about being kicked off it, but if they choose to move to another option or close their account, they can't get back on that tier. New users can no longer choose the basic option, while current subscribers on other plans will lose the opportunity to switch over "in the near future." In Canada, the basic tier is $10 (CAD) per month, while the basic with ads tier is $6, the standard is $16.49 and the premium is $21.

After claiming it would never offer an ad-supported option, Netflix did just that in November 2022, launching the new tier in Canada, the US and ten other countries. Now with the decision to remove its basic option, the streamer is pushing more of its customers towards an ad-filled viewing experience. The rationale is simple: Ad-supported plans can be highly beneficial to Netflix's bottom line. In the first quarter of 2023, across the US, Netflix saw its basic with ads tier bring in more money per user than its standard plan. This dichotomy held even though its ad tier is $7, compared to its standard plan costing $15.49.

There's no indication that Netflix will remove the basic tier in the US anytime soon, but if you want to avoid paying more or watching ads, now might be the time to pick it. In the US, the basic plan is $10, and the premium is $20.