Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

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A dependable product that doesn't really stand out from the competition.

A dependable product that doesn't really stand out from the competition.

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As an Android-powered compact camera, the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 promises to bring the best of two worlds together, taking the quality of a dedicated camera and adding Android apps and sharing options into the mix. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Camera 2 doesn't take good enough pictures to make it a superior alternative to the camera on your handset.

The Galaxy Camera 2 isn't small or compact, with Stuff calling it "surprisingly large and wide for a compact camera" and Pocket-Lint says "the lens is excessive." It's at least easy to hold, with TechRadar noting that the grip "helps to give it good purchase." Photography Blog likes the "sleek and stylish exterior," though Digital Trends feels it's a "little strange and slippery in the hand" and reminds you to "use the camera strap."

It feels like a camera, and the Galaxy Camera 2 certainly takes pictures like a camera too -- just not a high-end one. While ePHOTOzine says the pictures are "well exposed and are very colourful," Digital Trends feels they "should be better" and Stuff says that "they’re fine by mid-range compact camera standards" but "we were expecting something a bit more special."

The reason to choose the Galaxy Camera 2 over more accomplished compacts is its Android OS and all the features it brings with it. However, the camera is more suited to someone coming from a smartphone, as TechRadar says it might be "off-putting for those used to a 'proper' camera" and Digital Trends found it "cumbersome and disorienting" at first. But get used to it, and the connectivity can be a boon, as Pocket-Lint says "Dropbox upload is seamless and the sharing options can't be bettered by any dedicated camera out there."

As the cameras on smartphones continue to improve, dedicated compact cameras need to offer more for the price. The Galaxy Camera 2 has plenty to offer, but it doesn't improve over its predecessor enough to replace your phone as your go-to picture-taking device.



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