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Samsung Level Over

A good product that falls short of greatness.

A good product that falls short of greatness.

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With Beats making a big name for itself in high-end fashion audio Samsung is looking to get a piece of that action, introducing the Level line of stylish audio products. The Level Over represents its over-ear (circumaural) entry into the market, comparable to the Studio Wireless from Beats. But, while the Level Over is slightly cheaper than the Beats Studio Wireless, it's still a pretty tough sell.

When it came to design and aesthetics nearly all the critics were left with mixed feelings, with TechRadar saying the "smooth plastic" design "doesn't offer the premium feel" one expects from a $350 pair of headphones. And, for a headphone that offers noise cancellation, they're not very portable, with noting that "nothing folds up or closes down" which can be an issue while traveling. But a plastic construction at least means the Level Over headphone set is light, with Pocket-Lint enjoying its "almost floaty" feel and finding the headphones overall "very comfortable." Indeed, Digital Trends says the headphones are "amply padded" with a "moderate" amount of clamping force making it possible to "easily wear for long-haul" trips.

Besides comfort, the most important thing is how good they sound. While TechRadar noticed some issues in the midrange saying "the soundscape really lacks any kind of balance," phoneArena finds that the Level Over headphones have a "very natural, pleasing quality" and Digital Trends agrees, admiring their "smooth sound, top to bottom." As these are closed back headphones you don't have to worry about a lot of noise leakage, but TechCrunch finds the noise cancellation not "quite as powerful" at blocking ambient noises, which may be another issue for frequent travelers who like to use noise cancellation on trains and planes.

There is a lot to like about Samsung's Level Over headphones, including their sound and long-term comfort. But doing well at those things doesn't justify the high $350 price, especially when better noise-canceling headphones are available like the QuietComfort 15 or even the Level Over's direct competitor, the Studio Wireless. But if they're on sale and you happen to own a Samsung mobile device, the Level Over headphones might be worth a look.



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There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws. - Engadget
I must've looked at every headphone available and listened to most of them more
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Key Specs

Active noise cancellation
3 5mm, Wireless
Inline controls


Over-ear (Closed) (Yes)


Driver size
50 mm
Magnet type

Other features

Inline controls
Yes (Volume, Microphone)

Noise reduction

Active noise cancellation


3 5mm, Wireless (Bluetooth) (Rechargeable)
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