Samsung's new SD card ranges are built for extreme conditions

Prices start at $7 for a 32GB card.


Samsung is launching two new SD cards offering faster speeds for 4K video and promising better durability. The PRO Plus and EVO Plus are available in 32/64/128/256GB sizes. The higher-end PRO Plus series has sequential read speeds of up to 100MB/s and can write up to 90MB/s, while the EVO Plus has a claimed transfer speed of 100MB/s. The company says it’s good enough for professional cinematographers and stills photographers, but will equally benefit aspiring YouTube stars.

Durability is something Samsung also wanted to talk up, saying the cards will survive being dunked into a meter deep pool of saltwater for up to 72 hours. They’ll work in temperatures as low as -25 Celsius and as high as 85 Celsius, as well as withstanding X-ray machines, magnets and drops from five feet. They’re also pretty affordable, with the 32GB EVO Plus retailing for $7, while the 256GB model is priced at $40. The PRO Plus, meanwhile, starts at $10 for 32GB, running all the way to $50 for 256GB of storage.

All of the cards are available this month, with the exception of the 32/64GB PRO cards, which’ll land on November 8th.