Serif cuts 30 percent off Affinity creative apps for Black Friday

They're more affordable alternatives to Adobe tools.


It might be a good time to shop around if you’re looking for alternatives to Adobe software like Photoshop. Serif is running a Black Friday sale that cuts prices by 30 percent on all Affinity creative apps, including Photo, Designer and Publisher. This applies regardless of whether you’re buying for iPad, Mac or Windows, and also includes 30 percent discounts on numerous art, brush and font kits.

Each app is widely considered a more focused and affordable (if not always as wide-reaching) parallel to an Adobe tool. Affinity Photo is a rival to Photoshop with multi-layer image editing and painting. Affinity Designer courts vector and raster artists who’d otherwise use Illustrator, while Affinity Publisher serves as a publishing program (what else?) for those who’d rather not get InDesign.

The key, as you might expect, is the pricing. While Adobe asks for a Creative Cloud subscription as a rule (at least $10 per month), Serif is content with one-time purchases. You don’t have to keep paying if you’re content with the software you have. And at sale prices of $35 for the desktop apps and $14 for iPad, they may be your best bet if you’re not particular about exact feature matches. For that matter, Serif has already tuned its apps for Apple Silicon Macs — if you need creative software now and performance is a high priority, you don’t have to wait for Adobe’s optimized suite to wring the most out of your system.

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