Now everyone can send Steam Remote Play Together links

And Steam Link streaming finally works on the Mac.


Steam's Remote Play Together feature is available to all users now that it's out of beta. Valve introduced the feature via the Steam beta client in late 2019 and then updated it last year so that users can invite anyone to play with them, even those without Steam accounts. The invitees need the Steam Link app to be able to play, but they don't need to sign up at all. In addition, users can now simply grab an invite link when they launch a game that supports the feature and then send it to their friends across platforms.

Even Mac users can join in on the fun now that the Steam Link app, which gives users a way to pipe games to other devices without having to run the client on those other systems, is available on the Mac App Store. As 9to5Mac notes, the app has been out for Apple's iOS and tvOS platforms since 2019 a year after being rejected from the App Store due to the tech giant's guidelines the prohibit streaming games on iOS. When the app was approved for the iOS and tvOS platforms a year later due to the fact that it doesn't have a standalone library of games, macOS users were left out in the cold. Seeing as there are a lot of games that aren't available for Apple's desktop OS, Steam Link's availability is definitely a welcome update. As mentioned by a Reddit user, though, it's still not possible to stream games from a Mac to other devices.

Finally, Valve has also rolled out other updates for the Steam client, including the option to stream up to 8K resolution for those who have or are planning to purchase high-resolution displays.