Stray is coming to Switch this holiday season

It was one of our favorite games of 2022.

BlueTwelve Studio / Nintendo

Stray, one of Engadget’s favorite games of 2022, is coming to Switch. The title, which lets you play as an orange tabby cat exploring a dystopian cyberpunk setting, arrives on Nintendo’s console this holiday season.

The trailer shows familiar action in the two-year-old game from BlueTwelve Studio. You’ll see the feline protagonist rolling in a barrel, facing a robotic enemy and knocking objects off ledges (as cats tend to do).

Still from the Stray trailer for Switch. Foreground: kitty cat. Background: robotic warrior with a spear. Grungy cyberpunk alleyway, dimly lit.
BlueTwelve Studios / Nintendo

Unfortunately, its graphical fidelity appears noticeably downgraded compared to its console brethren, but that’s to be expected. Switch developers can do a lot with the seven-year-old system, but they aren’t miracle workers.

Stray arrived on PS5/PS4 and PC (Steam) in 2022, followed by an Xbox port last year. The Switch version will round things out sometime around the holidays. You can check out the announcement trailer below.