Substack's new iOS reading app helps you follow subscriptions

Android users will have to wait.


You no longer have to read Substack articles on the web. As 9to5Mac notes, Substack has released its first mobile reading app for iPhone and iPad. The software will help you follow your subscriptions, with notifications when a favorite writer publishes a new story. You'll find all media formats in a single place, too. The app will also help you discover new writers if you're eager for more.

Android users will have to be patient. You can sign up for a waiting list, but it's not clear when Substack's app will be available for Google's platform.

The iOS app should be helpful if you're an avid Substack reader who'd rather not fire up a web browser just to catch up — it's arguably overdue when rivals like Medium have offered mobile apps for years. It may be just as relevant for writers, for that matter. They won't have to worry so much that you might miss an email alert, or skip a piece when you're away from your desk.

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