EPA tests show Tesla's 2021 models are even tougher to beat on efficiency

The company's battery expertise is showing.

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Tesla Model 3 for 2021

Tesla’s claims of extended range on its 2021 EVs might be more than marketing bluster. As Electrek reports, the EPA has released MPGe (miles per gallon of gas equivalent) ratings showing the 2021 Model 3, X and Y variants topping the regulator’s electric car efficiency charts. The Model 3 Long Range AWD was the frontrunner, achieving 134MPGe or 25kWh per 100 miles, but other Tesla cars dominate the rankings — you don’t see an EV from another manufacturer until the fifth-place Mini Cooper SE at 108MPGe.

The only other two non-Teslas in the top 10 are the eighth-place Polestar 2 (92MPGe) and its Volvo stablemate, the tenth-place XC40 EV (79MPGe). Tesla would have kept the top spot without the refresh, mind you, as the 2020 Model 3 Long Range still managed 121MPGe.

Tesla still falls short in some areas, such as less-than-stellar build quality and complaints about its semi-autonomous features. However, the EPA ratings support claims that Tesla’s battery technology is ahead of the curve. That could play an important role in your buying decision if you’re determined to lower your running costs and minimize your charging pit stops. It can’t afford to sit still, though, as rivals like Lucid Motors might just catch up.

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