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The Apple Watch Series 9 falls back to $329

We named it our favorite Apple Watch of 2024.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

For better or worse, it isn't January if it's not a month focused on fitness and staying active. Fortunately, tracking your progress is a bit more accessible right now, thanks to an 18 percent discount on the 41mm Apple Watch Series 9. The sale on our favorite Apple Watch of 2024 brings it from $399 to $329 — an all-time low price other than the fluke instance when just two colors dropped to $310 in December. The Apple Watch Series 9 is available for $329 in the small to medium and medium to large models in five of the nine colorways.

It's currently 18 percent off. 

$329 at Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 9 is one of the gems in its lineup and an excellent option for anyone looking to spend decent money on a solid smartwatch. It garnered a 92 in our review by impressing us with new features like Raise To Speak and Double Tap. Raise to Speak allows you to elevate your wrist in order to activate Siri (though it didn't work every time). These Siri requests are now processed right on the watch instead of going through another device, like your iPhone. This update means you can still use Siri when offline or away from your phone.

Double Tap is a bit more interactive feature. The update lets you tap your index finger and thumb together (the ones on the same side as the watch) twice to complete specific actions. You can use it to answer or end calls or reply with dictation, among other commands.

As for the health and fitness aspect, the Apple Watch Series 9 monitors your heart rate and will send a notification if it notices any irregularities. It also tracks your sleep stages and overall well-being through features like temperature sensing. Plus, it's water-resistant, so you don't have to worry if it gets all sweaty.

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