Tile now offers $1 QR code stickers as a low-tech way to recover lost items

The 'Lost and Found' labels have no Bluetooth or other tracking.


Tile has just launched "Lost and Found" QR labels that are a essentially a low-tech way to get your stuff back. They're meant to be used on small or perhaps not particularly valuable items like "travel mugs, musical instruments, sports equipment and earbud cases," the company said. It's the company's first new product release since its acquisition by location sharing service Life360.

Unlike its Tile trackers that let you see where an object is physically located via Bluetooth, the new stickers are effectively a fancy version of an airport luggage tag. Anyone who finds it can scan the QR code to bring up your contact information, and then (if they're honest) contact you to return the item.

Tile now offers $1 QR code stickers that are not Bluetooth trackers

Without tracking or beeps to locate your object, privacy is less of an issue than it is with Tile's trackers or Apple AirTags. That said, you're still potentially putting your contact information out in public, so you should make sure the labels never appear in public social media posts, for instance. They're priced at $15 for three sheets of five labels, which is a lot cheaper than the $25 trackers — but $1 for a sticker still seems like a lot.

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