Twitter test shows you the Spaces your friends are listening to

You can toggle the activity tracking mode off.


In the hopes that Spaces don't go the way of Fleets, Twitter has largely focused on discovery efforts around the audio chat rooms. It's latest stab at making the feature easier to find is all about eliciting FOMO. Twitter is experimenting with a new "listening activity" mode that shows you the Spaces the people you follow are tuning in to. For now, the feature is limited to some users on iOS and Android.

Of course, not everyone wants their interests to be highlighted atop other's timelines, so Twitter is allowing you to toggle the option on or off via settings. Bear in mind that Spaces are public anyway, which means your activity is visible to others including those you follow and those browsing the rooms. Though, Twitter does note that it's possible for you to listen to a Space without being listed as a guest.