Waze lets drivers display their moods in the app

The change is meant to celebrate ‘the passion and authenticity' of users.

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Christine Fisher
June 29, 2020 9:01 AM
Waze brand refresh

In the past year, Waze has added a handful of useful features like lane guidance, COVID-19 info, alerts when a road is unplowed, YouTube Music integration and Google Assistant compatibility. But it’s been several years since Waze updated its design. Today, Waze announced a brand refresh that’s rolling out to all users.

As you’d expect, the brand refresh includes design changes like a new color scheme, as well as updated reporting icons and new logos and typeface. Waze is also adding something called Moods, a feature that will “capture users’ emotions.”

“Celebrating the passion and authenticity of its users, Waze hopes that the update will harness the ‘humanness’ that can often be lost within inhumane traffic conditions,” the company wrote in a press release.

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It’s unclear if Moods will be shared with nearby Waze users. Letting other drivers know how you feel doesn’t necessarily sound like a great idea, but for the most part the Mood icons look too cute to induce serious road rage.

“Hopefully our new look reminds users of the magic of our community and the way we work together for better,” said Jake Shaw, head of creative at Waze.

Waze Moods
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Waze lets drivers display their moods in the app