YouTube's ad-free Premium Lite tier is going away

The $7-a-month subscription plan will only be around until October 25.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

After October 25, YouTube users paying for Premium Lite will have to pay for the more expensive full-fledged Premium tier if they don't want to see ads in their videos without resorting to ad blockers. The video hosting platform is discontinuing the subscription option, it told users in an email, where it also said that it will be developing more versions of it in line with feedback from creators and viewers.

YouTube never rolled out Premium Lite to all users around the world, and access to it remained limited after it first became available in select European countries in 2021. For those who did get access to it, though, it's been a great option to remove ads from the viewing experience, which is the only thing it can do, for only €7 ($7.42) a month. The regular Premium tier removes ads and comes bundled with YouTube Music, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, as well as the capability to watch videos in the background while using other apps. However, it's double the price at $14 a month.

The website is giving current subscribers a month-long regular Premium subscription at no cost even if they've trialed it in the past in a bid to win them over. They have to either cancel their subscription right now or wait for their subscription to be canceled before they can redeem the offer. But based on responses from users lamenting the Lite option's impending removal on Reddit, a lot of people are unwilling to spend twice the amount of what they've been paying when all they want is to watch videos ad-free.