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Netflix backtracks on Qwikster, will keep DVDs and streaming under the same URL
TiVo Premiere Elite now available, but is updated software the big surprise?
DirecTV Nomad is ready to launch, transcodes DVRed shows for mobile viewing
DirecTV's five tuner, RVU-ready HR34 DVR revealed
Microsoft reveals new TV providers including Verizon and Comcast coming to Xbox 360 (video)
U-verse on Xbox 360 is getting upgraded in November, but will require XBL Gold
Comcast testing pay-per-package, still afraid of a-la-carte
Comcast promises Xfinity VOD streaming on more devices, new Xcalibur guide in 2012
CinemaNow strikes deal with Intel, adds new movies in 1080p HD
UltraViolet 'digital locker' opens for business. Lets you buy once, play anywhere... eventually
Must See HDTV (October 10th - 16th)

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