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Nest owns Revolv's home automation tech now, too


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Google's adding another member to its household family that includes Nest and Dropcam, and this time its home automation outfit Revolv. The firm's website lists it as "a Nest company" now, and goes on to to assure existing customers that they're still taken care of and that their year-long warranties will be honored. The thing is, it isn't accepting any new users for its services that tie everything from Sonos wireless speakers, WeMo light switches and Hue lightbulbs from Philips together, as VentureBeat points out. For the privacy minded, Revolv is keen to note that its user data will stay separate from that of Nest's thermostats and smoke detectors, and Google as a whole. What's it all mean? That Mountain View has a new toy in an old box that its hoping will compete with challengers like Apple's HomeKit and Samsung + SmartThings. Whenever those fully launch, of course.

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