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by SlySteven

Authy - 2-factor authentication without texts
I may be in the unique situation of having a smartphone without a texting plan, but Authy swooped in to shield me from account hijacking by letting me two-factor authenticate without texts. The interface is dead simple and clear, and thankfully I've never needed to use the backup features. Namesilo even sent out an email encouraging users to transition from Google Authenticator to Authy, for that backup alone.

Has anyone else used either, or both? How do they stack up?
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro

by joberti

Concept Map for Windows Surface Pro 3
I am looking for a Concept Map application that I can use on my Surface Pro 3. I want to be able to take advantage of the stylus and the touch screen. It could be either an online or desktop app. I am looking for something affordable to free, no monthly subscriptions. Any thoughts?
Apple iOS 8

by dillschu

Tried everything. Still no continuity.
Hello! I have an iPhone 5s on iOS8 and a 2013 MBAir on Yosemite.
Bluetooth is turned on on both
They're both on the same wifi network
They're both logged in to the same iCloud account
The "Handoff" and "iPhone cellular calls" buttons are both on on the phone
The "Allow Handoff" button in settings and the "iPhone cellular calls" button in FaceTime is on on the computer
I've tried
Logging into and out of iCloud and restarting both devices
Turning bluetooth on and off
Testing bluetooth by sending files back... Read more →
Apple iOS 8

by Youssow

Are Apple's latest updates rushed ?
You may have heard of the issues with iOS 8.0.1, but, am I the only one who figured out that even with 8.0.2, things haven't been better ? I never tried the 8.0.1 as I was too scared and accidentally updated to the 8.0.2, which is the worst update I ever had. Problems with Wi-fi, bluetooth, network and lags are happening every day.

Anyone know what's going on with Apple's quality control ? This doesn't look like something that would normally happen with them.