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by Korgoth

Bigoted featured comment
I'd like to know why Engadget featured this comment:
"This is the same misguided and knuckleheaded mentality that's out there "swatting" people. There's very little thought before action when it comes to gamers: in game, and out."
For the story:
When it clearly is bigoted against gamers and goes on to paint this stereotype of gamers as thoughtless, misguided, knuckleheaded hate and rage filled individuals.
I'd like to think that... Read more →
Apple iOS 8

by Relexey

iOS8: family album, how to use it properly?
Hello! Just turned to iOS8 and established a family relations through iCloud. The question is - how I can use a family album? What the difference from simple shared album?
Apple iOS 8

by vfontjr

Engadget App Broken After IOS 8 Update
I run the Engadget IOS app on an iPhone 5 and retina iPad. After today's IOS 8 update, the app is broken. It will open and display the headline screen, but attempting to click through the any content crashes the app every time! Anyone else experiencing this problem?

by nhombal

Lenovo W540 laptop
This is one of the worst laptop I ever owned. I would highly recommand not to buy any Lenovo laptops. I bought this 1-month ago and the battery is not charging anymore. The technician came and replaced the battery, charger, even the mother board but nothing seems to work. On top of it lenovo is not taking any responsibility and ownership in resolving this issue.

by Ordeith

Why is Engadget still broken after so many weeks?
Weeks have now passed with little to no change since Engadget broke their site. If I were on the programming team I would be absolutely embarrassed at what got pushed on the public. If I were any other member of the Engadget staff I would be absolutely embarrassed at the appearance of not being able to do anything about it.
Just restore the site template from a backup and fix it on the development system already. Stop making the readers and commenters deal with a horribly broken and dysfunctional...

by rauven

Why are my replies being deleted?
Its not the first time i see my replies vanish,

For example here: http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/16/relonch-iphone-camera-case/

I replied this guy "hmftw : But why?" , i said something like (can't remember the exact words) "maybe people expected an camera upgrade since the iphone 4s"

I guess Engadget doesn't like people trashing apple...

by sheriward

Need some advice on the best laptop backpack!
Been doing some research on some laptop packs as I just bought a MacBook Pro 15 and I need something I can travel with and use as my daily commuter to work. I love some of the luggage brands like Tumi and Briggs and Riley but they are so expensive. I've looked at Crumpler, Timbuk2 and STM. Actually the STM, Drifter looks amazing. Anyone have experience with this bag?


Appreciate any and all input.
Microsoft Windows 8.1

by cgeisert

Who hates Windows 8.1 as much as I do???
If you loved WIndows 8.0 but hate the new 8.1, let us know. I miss the comma on the original type screen, the old games set up, now having to use the windows live id and more.
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by Met

Want to Play Destiny... Which Console to Buy?
I've never really been a PlayStation guy.. Went from SNES to N64 to Xbox to PC (and almost bought a 360 many times). Especially for an FPS, I think there is no better controller than the sexy Xbox controller.
I played the Destiny beta on the Xbox. I liked it there. I want to get it on the Xbox. However, I looked through the game library of the Xbox and there doesn't really seem to be many good games out. I'm not really an FPS kinda guy. I prefer action/adventure games along the lines of Ninja... Read more →

by archgon1234

Does anyone know .....Archgon ?
Hi, recently I am browsing through Amazon.ca and just found this new computer peripherals company called Archgon. Their main products are DVD/Blu-ray Drivers, HDD enclosures, power banks, etc.
Price are reasonable and quality is good. I am just wondering if anyone has past product experience with them. I need some suggestions !!