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by kris

Silicon Valley 2x04: "I've disrupted fatherhood."
Silicon Valley 2x04: "The Lady"
This week's episode is all about staffing up, with Richard and Jared interviewing a mixed bag of candidates, including one whose resume says he "crushed it." Richard is particularly eager to hire a guy named Jared Patakian, but Erlich shoots it down based on a previous experience with recruiting Jared (when he used an offer from Aviato to leverage higher pay elsewhere). Meanwhile, Big Head gets a promotion to "head dreamer" as part of... Read more →
Google Android Wear

by KyleGeorge81

Fragile Smart Watches
Hey there! I have a moto 360 and I cracked it on the back of it. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue? Does anyone worry about damaging there smart watch while doing physical activities?

by thebestappgames

Suggest me the best android browser.
MY Dolphin Browser crashes a lot please suggest some better browser for me...
Fitbit Flex

by EdDeeLee

Warning - no way to delete faulty data
I was enjoying my FitBit Flex, until the night I was awarded 120,000 steps as I slept. All the rest of my data is now useless, because this bad data has been factored in.
I went to the app to delete the faulty data- and found there is no function for deleting bad data. Surely there's a way to do that online? Nope. Contacted support - and they suggested this odd remedy: log the activity as "Automobile or light truck (not a semi) driving” - and it would erase the steps. After days of trying this... Read more →

by philopek

[MODULAR] Mobile Computing !
Let's discuss and compare what everbody thinks about if this modular mobile computing will open a new chapter in the history of "Mobile Computing" ?
We can start with 2 examples, on one hand there is the upcoming google "Project ARA" and on the other hand we can use the example of the, close to release, nexpaq modular smart-case innovation which is a "Cross-OS" _ "Cross-Device" technology, just 2 of many qualities which, IMHO each one of them, will take this technology way beyond "Project ARA"... Read more →
Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

by thebestappgames

Has anyone used lastpass password manager?
Hey Guys!!! If anyone can review this app if they have used it? I was thinking of purchasing it..

by hdgenius

A Expertise having HDMI Handshake Troubles
In case you have a HTPC, the majority of you may have skilled a challenge without the need of image or perhaps noise using your Home theater setup attached by a HDMI wire previously or perhaps yet another. The following write-up is usually to include a lot of the nuances that will come with all of them coupled with possible options and start a debate to get far better options. The majority of you currently know a variety of benefits of your HDMI wire and what fantastic bit of know-how it can be.... Read more →

by UncleSamy

Best Free Apps
Hi there, I'm interested in different applications to have fun and I am looking for like-minded people:) I'm curious to know what apps do you like? What apps do you recommend to have fun in free time? Lets chat:)
Recently I found a cool app - Photolamus. If you want to get a cool caricature of any of your photos - it's exactly what you need! They are represented on iTunes and Google play:
https://itunes.apple.com/kw/app/photolamus/id523588358?mt=8... Read more →