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by Calvinjkih

Steam Wallet Cards,Free Steam Wallet Code Generator
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by dave

Want early access to Evolve? Get your alpha codes right here!
Evolve is the latest game from Turtle Rock Studios, the fine folks behind Left 4 Dead. It features a unique take on multiplayer action with 4 hunters working together to capture a single monster.
The game will be available on February 10th, 2015 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. However, you can get in on the action today!
Want to win access to the alpha? We're giving away 50 codes. Just follow the directions below!
  1. Add your console to
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Better Energy Systems

by sasckuash

Can you imagine a rechargeable battery with spider silk as one of its components?
Spider silk, a natural conductor of energy
Can you imagine a rechargeable battery with spider silk as one of its components? The research was awarded with the “2014 Colombian Inventor National Award” (Premio Nacional al Inventor Colombiano 2014) and the “World Intellectual Property Organization Award” to the best inventor
The results of the research, developed by Professor Gladis Miriam Aparicio Rojas, might end up in every home through a new synthetic material derived from the spider silk... Read more →
HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

by DanCooper

How would you change HP's Pavilion 14 Chromebook?
In a way, How Would You Change is a bit like archeology, digging back through the gadgets of yesteryear to find out what we think of them now. We sat HP's Pavilion 14 Chromebook down in front of Myriam Joire, who did not have too many nice things to say about the device. Points of critique included the lackluster display, poor battery life and the fact that the company just hollowed out a Pavilion 14... Read more →
Microsoft Windows 7

by Spiderkid

Is it still worth it to build a Windows Media Center PC?
After removing DVR from my household to shave the cord (wife still needs live Bravo and E!), I've realized how much stuff is missing from Netflix and Hulu+. I would use my Apple TV and iTunes, but I'd like not to pay $60 a season. Is it still worth the money to build an HTPC on Win7 with a Ceton Echo and an InfiniTV? I would use Win8.1, but I don't want to buy 3 Xbox 360s, and the Echo is cheaper.
Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

by Habitashi

your predictions about Samsung Note Edge release date and price
so I was thinking of getting the Note 4 but I am still waiting the note edge, is it gonna have the same price the Note 4 had ? and when is it expected to be released? should I wait for it or I shouldn't waste my time ?
Nintendo New 3DS

by hezekiah74

The New Nintendo 3DS LL
I was wondering if this new 3DS LL is worth purchasing? It has this little new analogue stick and a clearer display. but is it really worth buying if you already have the previous model?


by leipzipkiel

Do you use any cleaning App in your daily usage?
Hello everyone, I find there are so many cleaning App on Android, I have no idea to choose. Would you guys to give me some advice? Thanks!