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by Ordeith

Engadget App broken again?
The last story on the app is the Notion Ink Cain. And it says it is up to date, even when manually refreshed. No new stories are coming through.

Hope this gets fixed. I greatly prefer the app to the website after the website breaking changes that were implemented.

by kris

Should failed Kickstarter projects offer refunds?
Yesterday author Neal Stephenson announced that his swordfighting game Clang, which received $500,000 in initial funding through Kickstarter, has been canceled. It had been a year since his company, Subutai, had made any progress on the game itself, and they had been unable to procure additional funding (with members of the team taking personal financial hits). Refunds have been... Read more →

by korg

Broken commenting system
The commenting system is really broken. Your replies doesn't show up right after you comment and sometimes the are shown duplicated (although that's not true).

Today I receive an email that 3 people replied my comment, but when I go to the article, they are not there!

The article http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/18/nvidia-maxwell-flagships/
My username: korg250
Sony α 7 (A7)

by dave

Quick thoughts on the Sony A7
This was a picture I took with a Sony A7. (Ta Phrom Temple in Cambodia)
And so was this. (Overlooking Hong Kong)
I just returned from 3 weeks gallivanting through Southeast Asia that featured hanging out with elephants, drinking tasty beverages, and eating my way through various exotic cuisine, amongst other things.
In addition to all of this, I also was lucky enough to... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5

by frankspin

Favorite features of iOS8 and your impressions so far
iOS dropped yesterday and a lot of the features Apple introduced help bring it up to parity with Android. Better TouchID support, widgets, sharing, keyboards and a whole slew of stuff. What features have you been enjoying the most so far?
For me it's definitely better TouchID support. 1Password and Day One have implemented this for unlocking each app. It makes getting into them much easier.
After that it's improved sharing. I no longer need some hokey way to save stuff to Instapaper or Pinboard. I... Read more →

by drbree82

New Wordpress Version 4.0 Benny
Apart from the theme, I honestly cannot see any difference.

Damon Bree

by Korgoth

Bigoted featured comment
I'd like to know why Engadget featured this comment:
"This is the same misguided and knuckleheaded mentality that's out there "swatting" people. There's very little thought before action when it comes to gamers: in game, and out."
For the story:
When it clearly is bigoted against gamers and goes on to paint this stereotype of gamers as thoughtless, misguided, knuckleheaded hate and rage filled individuals.
I'd like to think that... Read more →
Apple iOS 8

by Relexey

iOS8: family album, how to use it properly?
Hello! Just turned to iOS8 and established a family relations through iCloud. The question is - how I can use a family album? What the difference from simple shared album?
Apple iOS 8

by vfontjr

Engadget App Broken After IOS 8 Update
I run the Engadget IOS app on an iPhone 5 and retina iPad. After today's IOS 8 update, the app is broken. It will open and display the headline screen, but attempting to click through the any content crashes the app every time! Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Lenovo ThinkPad W540

by nhombal

Lenovo W540 laptop
This is one of the worst laptop I ever owned. I would highly recommand not to buy any Lenovo laptops. I bought this 1-month ago and the battery is not charging anymore. The technician came and replaced the battery, charger, even the mother board but nothing seems to work. On top of it lenovo is not taking any responsibility and ownership in resolving this issue.