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June 4th 2012 9:54 am

Asus, others, try to reinvent tablets at Computex 2012

We knew Computex 2012 was going to bring a wave of new tablets, including some based on Windows 8. What we didn't know was how creative some manufacturers would get with their new offerings. Asus, for one, is showing off a range of new devices, including some category-defying prototypes, and Viewsonic has presented what is either the world's largest Android tablet, or the most conflicted desktop display (or is it an all-in-one PC?). Some of the highlights:

Asus Transformer Book - gdgt.com­/asus­/transformer­/book/
This is a Windows 8-powered prototype that seems very similar to Asus' existing Android tablets -- though, of course, the inclusion of Windows 8 means these can double as full-fledged laptops, rather than just tablets with optional keyboards.

Asus Taichi - gdgt.com­/asus­/taichi/
A dual-display Windows 8 tablet. Open it, and it's a laptop. Close it, and the display on the lid turns it into a tablet. This is a cool, er, twist on the standard convertible tablet, but I can't help but think this may never make it to market, at least at a price that will make it worth considering over a more conventional convertible or hybrid tablet.

Asus Transformer AIO - gdgt.com­/asus­/transformer­/aio/
This dual-booting all-in-one desktop runs both Android 4 and Windows 8, and can also be carried around like a traditional tablet -- if you're prepared to carry an 18-inch tablet, that is.

Viewsonic VCD22 - gdgt.com­/viewsonic­/vcd22/
Another all-in-one. Kinda sorta. This is a 22-inch touchscreen display that also runs Android 4.0. It can be used as a standard display, with HDMI in, you can connect a keyboard to use it as an Android-based desktop, or it can run in kiosk mode. You probably don't want to try carrying this one around as a tablet

Think any of these are worth checking out? I really do want a Transformer Book, and I hope it makes it to market at a reasonable price.

There's a lot more coming out of Computex, and we're continuing to add products to the site. And if you want more details, Engadget has a lot of hands-on videos, slideshows and more here: www.engadget.com­/tag­/computex­+2012/

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Isn't the Taichi just a less elegant solution to an already-solved problem (convertible tablets have been around for 10+ years)?
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I think this new form-factor can warrant some valid use cases too! This has an ad over the convertible in that you don't need to convert it for either of the persons involved to see what you're referring to. It could also bring in a new set of games like battleship as one blog commenter stated with many pluses to it.
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someone talk about it's CPU performance please.(I mean Asus transformer book )
is it faster than Samsung XE700 with Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6ghz or not?
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Does anyone know the release date on this laptop? I pre-ordered one from Newegg's website. At the time the release date was October 27th. Now a search shows that this laptop is discontinued. What's going on?
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