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November 21st 2009 10:40 pm

Can't set clock.

Hmmm. VMWare on Mac. Ran ok, logged in. Thinks it's 1999. Can't change anything but the time zone. Obviously a problem for web certificates.

Overall, I have to say what's the point. Most PDA Phones have more capability than this. So what's the niche? Netbook? I'd take Ubuntu 1000 times over. Do I just not get it?

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Running it from an USB drive and the shown date is correct. I'd blame VMWare in your case, but that's me.
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Running in VirtualBox on a MacBook (date & time set by server).

Chromium picked up (or was showing) the correct time zone (Pacific Standard) but the clock was giving the time for GMT (Date was correct). Changed the Time Zone setting to GMT +1 (meant to hit GMT +0), then GMT + 0 and it showed wrong time. Set it back to Pacific Standard and now it shows the current local time. Does not seem to keep it between sessions or between sleeping. (Turning off using the time server on the host MacBook seems to fix this problem. Saving machine state seemed to leave it advancing from the old time.)

I am guessing some fidgeting may fix it (at least temporarily) for you.

Overall it works fine considering it is a first release running in emulation. I would like to see someone do something similar with Firefox.
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