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November 25th 2009 3:24 pm

Crome OS & OSX 10.2.8

I was hoping to run the Chrome OS on my old 800 MHz G4 with 256 MB RAM, but it appears I can't. VMware & VirtualBox requires an Intel-Based Mac.....am I missing something? Is there another way to get COS running on this old critter?? :-) Thanks!

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The only way you're going to virtualize anything on a G4 is to unearth an old copy of Virtual PC- back when it was a Mac app from connectix, before Microsoft bought the product.

And once you do it, you'll wonder why you bothered. By today's standards, a G4 is an outdated processor, and once you add in the emulation (not virtualization- big performance difference!) layer, it'll be downright painful.
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LOL - Thanks for the info swy....I won't wast my time with the install. I'm installing-it now on my 64-bit Quad Core Vista gaming rig that I built a couple of years ago. We'll see what happens. Thanks again!
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Boot from a flash drive. engadget did a article on it.
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Good advise already provided. I think what we keep forgetting is that Google has purposefully (or so many believe) released a reduced function (near useless) OS just to wet our whistles.

I can't wait for the real Chrome OS to come our way, but for now, I would hesitate to suggest any non-developer go out of their way to try it out. If for no other reason, I would hate to see Google's image hurt by this release. Although a lot of us can see the glory of what this OS will become, the average user I predict will think it completely useless and may never return.

So, johnnybrick, I will ask you to not try this out on your old machine, for fear of total disappointment, and maybe even not on your gaming rig, for fear of disappointment, unless you are planning on dev work on the platform.
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Is this a joke? I have tried for the last hour to find a download for the Chrome OS. The only link that works is a VMWare image with an extention that does not work in the VMWare Player. I did a Google search for Chrome OS download and everyone of them are broke links.

I repeat, is this whole thing some kind of sick Google joke?
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Don't know where you are going to download your copy, but it's available right here from Google, I just did and installed it with VirtualBox in about 15 seconds, very easy:

If you need help intalling the OS with VirtualBox, have a look here:
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