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September 13th 2013 1:27 pm

Do I really need to upgrade my PS3 this year?

What's the outstanding feature or game to the new system that you can't resist? I'm not yet convinced and I'm not planning on buying a 4K TV anytime soon either.

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There will never be a need, but people will point out why you might desire it. Personally, I'm waiting until there are a few games I really want to play and launch hiccups are fixed (as opposed to some people who will throw a console out the window if it's not completely perfect on day one). Consoles only increase in delivered value over time frankly, so feel free to wait until you feel it makes sense for you. Some examples of that:
  • you have games you want to play, spare cash, time available OR
  • Maybe you need a BluRay player in the bedroom so you can move your PS3 in there and get a PS4 for your living room.
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Thanks for clarifying that I don't need it.
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I think I should have been a bit more clear, need and desire are two different things. You not needing it does not invalidate your right to desire it. Hopefully with this in mind, you'll actually feel more able to buy one, as you're not looking for a reason to need a device that doesn't feed you, heat you or keep a roof over your head.
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No, but you never needed to buy a PS3. Most people (not those on this website) are completely unaware at the major difference between dvds and blu-rays. Therefore your PS2 would still work fine for a large percentage of people. The games are cheap and it plays movies.

Moving onto what matters to people on this website, PS Vita integration is a big deal for me. The graphics and the games look about the same as PS3, but without playing them it's hard to tell. The multitasking capabilities make sense as well (you can listen to music unlimited while playing a game). The social aspect is hopefully fully baked, but until it becomes the norm and used by everyone, it doesn't really matter. The controller looks sick and I think the camera is going to be cool as well. So far, being a PS Vita owner is the only reason for me to buy this thing this year.

A few months in, the games that are being released look much better than the ones at launch. I love the infamous franchise, but I'm not sold on the new character. 1886: The Order looks sick, and I know there's going to be many more heavy hitters as we get closer and closer to launch.

I don't plan on pre-ordering, because there's little benefit. There's going to be launch day bugs and better bundles will come out in the spring. Maybe if you have an older PS3 on its last legs, I would suggest selling it while you can and pre-ordering this.

Personally I think that the current gen (at least PS3) has a few more years of relevance and PS4 didn't NEED to come out for at least two years.
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Short answer: Nope.
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