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May 3rd 2014 2:38 pm

Gear 2 Durability Issue (Screen Broken Shattered)

Not more than a week (7 days to be exact) the screen on my Gear 2 shattered. I was walking into my house, right hand to unlock the dead-bolt and my left hand where the watch was on. As I opened the door, the watch nicked/hit/grazed the door frame and blam... Shattered!
I would hardly call it a hard it. It hit the right-top corner where the glass curves and spider webbed down to the middle.
What I don't get is how this can crack so easily? It's made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (as stated on Corning's website). This smartwatch is supposed to be not only a watch but also for fitness. I think the weakness is where the glass curves on the top and bottom of the display.
I can only imagine more cracked screens to come, especially with people using it running on treadmills and hitting the bar to hold on and the watch hits the handle bar etc...
Major disappointment that it would break so easily!
WARNING to all Gear 2, Neo owners. For people that own the Gear Fit, I would never wear it underneath you wrist!

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