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August 22nd 2014 9:17 am

How would you change Google Glass (Explorer Edition)?

It’s always tough asking for people’s opinions on a device when so few instances of the hardware are available. Even a year after its release, getting hold of Google Glass (Explorer Edition) is a long and expensive process that few outside of the tech fraternity will bother with. Still, we’re fairly sure that plenty of you have at least tried a pair on — the last time we were in the same city as Alexis Santos, he was stopped every five minutes by curious passers by. Now, when we forced Mr. Tim Stevens to review it, he said that Google Glass was a fascinating prototype, with plenty of potential, but unless you’re the sort of person who would describe $1,500 as chump change, you should steer clear. The two-hour battery life wasn’t ideal, and there were more than a few privacy concerns that, in hindsight, have been borne out. Personally, the most exciting feature for me was the navigation coupled with the bone-conducting headphone, and there’s nothing greater than having directions beamed directly into your cranium. Still. The question here is simple: if you had a meeting scheduled with Sergey Brin, what would you tell him to change for version two?

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Why do I have to go from 1 copy of the story to another copy of the story to see or make a comment ?????
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dave says, "It tells readers to discuss this in the Engadget forums right in the post!

That said, it's part of a broader strategy and experimentation in discussing technology using platforms other than Livefyre. It's also intended to help bring awareness (and further testing of features) of the Engadget forums."
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Battery Battery Battery.
  1. Battery life, but most important standby is terrible
  2. Better ios integration (cant reply to messages, can only send with hangouts). I went to testing site and the girl said her iphone can do everything her android can do which is completely false so tell them to stop lying about this
  3. Voice control for everything
  4. Ability to look at screen and have the main menu pop up, instead of having to touch it to wake up
  5. Photo management app instead of scrolling through everything
  6. Much more space to store photos/videos. I mean we are paying 1500 and and get 15gb???
  7. Software is very buggy, need to put a bigger team on this. Constant reboots, wifi drops and I have to go through setup weekly
  8. Main menu widgets (battery life, notifications etc)
  9. ability to use voice to enter wifi password without having to use computer or phone
  10. Bring back video calling, why oh why did this get removed??????
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Perhaps having having a wearable on your face is inevitable. But considering that the wearable market is it's infancy, is it really smart to go to market with a really expensive device that changes the way a person's face looks right off the bat? It's sort of like if we were marketing tattoos to people for the first time and we held up a picture of Mike Tyson's face as promotional material. Not smart. I would tell Mr. Brin that perhaps this stroke is too bold at this time. Let the wearable market develop for awhile. Let wearables sink in until people are as comfortable with them as they are with having birds, mermaids, and anchors tattooed on their arms.
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As a Glass Explorer I have been feeling a little neglected. I have a few pairs of revision 1 hardware, and was hoping to upgrade to the newer models for a reasonable price, but no such luck.

The battery life could be better, especially since Google has been marketing the device as something you'll wear all day as opposed to wearing it only during certain tasks.

Built in video chat needs to come back. Removing it without the option of allowing a user to keep the feature was unnecessary. My company doesn't have the manpower/resources needed to add it back in ourselves.
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• 3D spatial sensor - Tracking objects and environments
• Gesture commands/shortcuts
• Widgets


1 - Battery: You can't expect people to be content with a 2+ hour battery life when the goal is to have people wear it most if not all day.

2 - Fashion: It doesn't have to look cute or fancy, it should look like it's barely there. The less attention it draws from outside, the better. This will not only help alleviate privacy concerns, and social retraction, but also would help increase future adoption rates.

3 - Capacity - At that level, a 64GB internal memory should be fair and reasonable.
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GG should be mostly as
1) a tool for "send to glasses" (phone is more convenient for work (search) >> result of work send to glasses (maps, videos, photos)
2) phone, tablet unlocked when near
3) video calling (much better mic/headphone for left/right ear)

without these features are GG practically useless
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