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July 31st 2014 9:44 pm

I love the look of this phone and am excited to hear more! Miss my BB

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I hear you! I switched form an S5 to Z30 and cannot believe how much more efficient I am. I am thinking the Passport will be a game changer.
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It definitely will be one of the more unique devices when it comes out!
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Same here, this phone is super unique and has me excited.
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I had a BB9700 for years, loved it. Also had the Q10 for a week and absolutely hated the thing. Hopefully the Passport will be less half-baked than the Q10
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i just watched the launch, and man, the passport is a beast. this is what a SMARTPHONE should be, not about some toy phones. Amazon app store comes preloaded so the issue about app-gap can be forgotten.
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