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November 13th 2012 6:44 pm

It's re-released!

Email from Jawbone today directed me to their UP page. The device is again up (sorry) for sale. Looking forward to reviews of the new version, and the Android app that is "coming soon".

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But what i don't get is why no improvements to the device?
Yes, they have new colors. Yes they say they fixed the bugs that the 1st version had with water and made it so it could bend better and take a better beating.

But there are no new features that i have noticed. Yes they updated the app but thats just the app and they could do that at any time.

why not add wireless synch? Why not find a way to get rid of the cap on the plug. on the 1st gen. i kept loosing them or they would fall off.

I think if they were offering a device that at least to me looked like a step forward over the 1st version i may get more excited about it.

But as it stand now i think i get a better device with the Fitbit one then i do with the UP.

I am looking forward to reading the reviews and seeing what people have to say and i hope its does better than the 1st one did because this was a device i thought would have been great.
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If the reviews are good and the android app comes out I'm going to be intrigued by this. No wireless sync is kind of annoying though.
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true wireless sync would be nice but its one less thing to draw power. So maybe it helps with the better battery life.
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It's exciting yes!

Sucks about the price bump...

The news story seems to be more for timing since the new Fitbit has yet to start shipping and this is an obvious competitor. From what I can see here are the pro's of each device:

Fitbit: not an obvious accessory, can be hidden, wireless syncing, $30 cheaper, fewer problems with original device, altimeter

UP: looks good, Jawbone is more well known, no way to forget about it since it's on your wrist, price drop imminent since it's easy to get Jawbone bluetooth devices under MSRP

Both of these product are still not integrated into watches so they are not mass market ready. Sony and Motorola have done and failed so far since the Fitbit, Fuelband and UP seem more desirable than the Smartwatch and Motoactv
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