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December 1st 2011 12:51 pm

Most wanted gadgets for November 2011

What did you and your fellow gdgt users consider the most wanted gadgets for the month of November? Check out the following list! Samsung's Galaxy Nexus reigns supreme.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - gdgt.com­/samsung­/galaxy­/nexus/
  2. Nokia Lumia 800 - gdgt.com­/nokia­/lumia­/800/
  3. Apple iPhone 4S - gdgt.com­/apple­/iphone­/4s/
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire - gdgt.com­/amazon­/kindle­/fire/
  5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime - gdgt.com­/asus­/eee­/pad­/transformer­-prime/
  6. Lytro Lytro - gdgt.com­/lytro­/lytro/
  7. Apple iPad 2 - gdgt.com­/apple­/ipad­/2/
  8. Aliph Jawbone Up - gdgt.com­/aliph­/jawbone­/up/
  9. Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2011) - gdgt.com­/apple­/macbook­/air­/13­-inch­-mid­-2011/
  10. Amazon Kindle Touch - gdgt.com­/amazon­/kindle­/touch/
Does anything here surprise you?

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iPhone 4S trails both Galaxy Nexus AND Lumia 800?

iPad 2 trails both Kindle Fire AND Eee Pad Transformer Prime?

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Not surprising. They're brand new and the iPad 2's been out for a long time. Let's be honest, the gdgt community skews towards the kind of people that buy a gadget within the first few months of availability, if not the first few days.
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That surprised me too! I love my Windows Phone (Samsung Omnia 7) but I think there's better handsets available than the Lumia. Great to see it above the iPhone though. Looks like Apple's stranglehold is starting to slip :)
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ipad 2? really?
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Personally, I don't find this surprising. It's still the best tablet on the market. It's interesting to see how popular the Kindle Fire and the Transformer Prime are though. I'm interested to see how this carries through over December and into the new year! Can these newer tablets keep up?

Also, interesting side note: The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet was the 12th most wanted item for November. Didn't break the top 10, but it was still up there.
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You haven't seen the Samsung series 7 tablet then. That thing is amazing!
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I'm not surprised to see the Lytro due to the fact that is seems to be a real game changer in the camera game. I'm pretty excited to see that I'm not the only one excited about it though!
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I would be more excited about it if they would ship it to outside the US. Last time I checked, it was a US-only affair. They wouldn't even take non-US credit cards and ship to somewhere in the US.
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I didn't know about the Lytro - amazing technology and I'm sure it will evolve further, nice. As far as missing gadgets, I would have included the Samsung Galaxy "Note" in the top five - IMO.
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I think I'll reply to my own post, because - I can ;) If the Lytro can shoot pics close to video frame rates, imagine what that it would do for security photos of say crowds at protests. Since every face can be brought into focus after the pic is taken, there would be clear pics of the perpetrators in riots eg the G7 crowd (and which people did damage) or the losers that did all the damage after the Vancouver Canucks hockey team lost the Stanley Cup and burned and looted. We could us Lyrto pics to focus on their faces - after the the pics were taken (no one would be out of focus!). I'm Canadian so that's why these examples, but there are many occasions that security (or spying) that could use this kind of "after the fact" focus! Can I patent that LOL.
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