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November 19th 2009 7:58 pm

Offline mode?

Is there supposed to be an offline mode? There are many places that I go that don't have wifi and I don't think i'd buy a 3G modem just so i can use my netbook in places with no wifi.

Google OS seems great on paper but if there is no way to use certain apps with out the internet than your pretty much S.O.L if there is no internet access were you need to use your PC running ChromeOS

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Since it will be a version of WebKit that supports HTML5, I think that should easily be feasible. They'll probably expand and enhance Google Gears specifically for this purpose, so you still have offline access to email and such.
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I heard that Gears was going to be deprecated because of the offline support aspects of html5, no?
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It'll be interesting if that's the case. But do the offline aspects of HTML5 have enough guts to support applications and whatnot running for any period of time offline?

Also - deprecated. Such impeccable word choice.
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i think chrome OS should have offline mode.Let the users decide in which mode they want to work.

developers can provide one mode as complete online n one mode which is combination of online n offline.
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