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June 28th 2012 3:27 am

Were we all just hopeful for Google before today.... or was it just me?

Honeycomb was a rushed mess. Gingerbread was good but not good enough and Ice Cream Sandwhich still lacks adoption and tablet specific apps (enough GOOD ones anyway). My friends... if I'm honest I would concede that iOS is the better platform (not with hardware though). When my iOS toting friends... and my wife.... would brandish their fruity embossed device I'd long a little inside for a device that worked as well and was as widely supported by developers... but I was faithful to the "open and free" cause and I will drop the facade and say that today... FINALLY... I don't have to make excuses for android anymore. There are still kinks to work out. The keynotes are awkward and clunky. Why the frack can't the manufacturers get these updates out quicker!?!? Would someone PLEASE fix whatever Play Store issue it is that's keeping us from our beloved "Battlehearts" update... I want my paladin!!!! I'm confused.... if i have DLNA.... why do i need the Nexus Q again? I digress... today with Jellybean around the corner and a shiny new flagship tablet the future is a bit more sure for Android. Am I the only one more optimistic here? Care to share why or why not?

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You need to hop in a time machine and go back two years before Android raped the smartphone market and became the market leader. Then this post would make sense. Android hasn't had to worry about iOS in well over a year. It commands over 50 percent of the world mobile market now.
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