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May 1st 2012 11:46 am

What do you think of BlackBerry 10?

With BlackBerry World going on right now, a lot of exciting info is coming out of the RIM camp.

Developers that attended the event got a "BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha" device that is sporting a 1280 x 768 high definition display stretched across a 4.2 inch screen. This seems to show that RIM is going the same direction as the Android market in terms of screen size and resolution.

It also suggests that RIM is going to put the physical keyboard on the backburner. They proudly demoed their new predictive text input, which looks nice, but I will have to get my hands on it before I can say how useful it actually is.

There is even more exciting news on the developer front. The big weakness of the current platform is that there are not many apps in the BlackBerry App World. A contributing factor to this is that it is very complicated to actually get going with development between the Adobe Air frameworks and the lengthy setup instructions.

Now with BB10 you get a choice of platform. Developers can use C/C++, HTML5 webworks, and the traditional Java platform. This is interesting, as I am starting to think that perhaps OS 10 may be built from the ground up and not JVM based. Although I need to look further into this, if it is true, this could mean massive performance gains within the OS. If you have ever complained about a BlackBerry being too slow, you know how important this could be. The flexibility for developers to create their app however they choose will in no way hurt RIM, and should in fat bring more apps to the market.

The "App Generator" claims that someone can make an app in 10 minutes. I will believe it when I see it.

Other minor features like "slide to reveal" and the camera "timeline lens" were revealed. They seem like cool ideas, but not game changers at this point.

I realize RIM and BlackBerry have been going through tough times, and they are the underdogs here. I am hopeful they can make a recovery. The real question is will they make a big enough impact in time. Let's try and keep this discussion civilized and about the OS, and not the fate of the company!

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I personally like it. A lot. It looks a lot like QNX on the PlayBook, which in my opinion is still one of the best tablet operating systems available today. BlackBerry 10 is like QNX, with a dash of Windows Phone animations and webOS functions. The hardware, at least on the dev device, looks pretty good (can't complain with a 4"+ screen with 1280 x 768 resolution!). I think RIM has finally realized what it has to do, even if people say it's "too little too late". Last time I checked, BlackBerry still had more market share than Windows Phone, so it'll be interesting to see how the first BB10 devices match up against the iPhone 5, WP8, and Jelly Bean (hopefully) this fall.
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Aesthetically, it definitely looks way better than the current Blackberry offering. The virtual keyboard looks pretty responsive, though I'm not sure how easy it is to swipe up on letters to auto-complete words; I'd prefer it to be above the keyboard. The camera app looks pretty neat with that, but that face-timeline thing looks more of a novelty than a big differentiator. I like how it's more webOS-y with a bunch of gestures, though it could be a big learning curve since these actions aren't so obvious. Let's hope that RIM can appeal to developers and get some AAA level apps for the platform.
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I agree. In fact, since my post, RIM has announced a $10000 incentive to developers who get an app approved to App World and make more than $1000

This should spur some development. I feel there is a loophole in the program though for people who buy $1000 worth of their own app.

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