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"Siri, read him his rights..." If you happen to murder someone, it's just common sense: do not ask Siri for help on where you can hide a body. Early on, Apple's intelligent assistant used to come back with locations like quarries, swamps, and dumps. Well, according to various news sources, a man ...

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August 13, 2014 at 12:00PM
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Sprint may have played slightly fast and loose with its definition of a 15-city LTE launch this month -- some of those areas were mighty close to each other -- but it's taking that expansion a little further down the road with its next stage. Hand-in-hand with its second quarter results, the pin-d...

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I pre-ordered months ago, and finally the night had come. A few days ago GameStop robo-called my phone to tell me to come down at 11:00, so they could pre-process the transaction and make the whole thing that much smoother. Anticipating lines and general hilarity, I got to the mall around 10:30. It ...

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