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While it's tested the idea several times in the past, London's Tube system won't be getting mobile-based payment technology any time soon. Customer Experience Director Shashi Verma told GigaOM that existing NFC technology wasn't able to drop below the 500 millisecond barrier -- something which Tran...

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July 11, 2012 at 7:43AM
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It might be a butchering of English grammar -- the adjective typically goes before the noun -- but the Hard Drive Secure does have a pretty unique selling point to offer. The USB 2.0 drive's security is handled by AES-encrypted RFID keycards -- swiping the card once unlocks the drive, swiping it a...

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The vulnerability of cards based on the Mifare Classic RFID chip (like the Oyster Card used for the London Underground) has been known for some time now but, unsurprisingly, some pesky legal business has prevented the complete details from being published. That has now finally been cleared up, how...

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