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Navigating those mean Manhattan streets is an intimidating chore for any driver, with or without a battery of high-tech in-car aides. But after an introduction to Cadillac CUE, it's easy to see the benefit of such a comprehensive system. CUE isn't your typical in-dash GPS nav -- sure it can get yo...

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June 19, 2012 at 3:07PM
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Okay, so maybe Eve won't really load you down with busywork, but the virtual teacher will sympathize with you, hear you out and alter her teaching style to better match your current mood. Reportedly, the Massey University creation can "pick up body language and facial expressions like a real teacher...

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A new VoIP handset from American Telecom Services promises to help you break free from your landline addiction and make an easy transition over to Internet telephony, while still allowing you to situate satellite phones all over the house to match your current setup. At first glance, the E6501 offer...

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