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If you love lattes but wish the foam could somehow be more adorable, good news! You'll soon be able to sculpt the most cloyingly cute animals you want using the Awa Taccino, a gun that fires measured dollops of foamed low-fat or soy milk. You just need to add the milk, whip it up for a minute with...

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November 20, 2014 at 1:18PM
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These days, it's pretty wild and crazy if a PMP manufacturer manages to do anything different than what's already out there, so we've got a soft spot for Shenzhen's EM-2811, being sold as the "Latte ICE." Sure, nothing spectacular, and the 1GB-4GB capacity is seriously amature hour, but we like th...

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Stopping by your favorite java shop on the way to work each day can get relatively pricey (and frustrating if you simultaneously roll in with the other half of the city), and while the Nespresso Lattissima can't exactly read your mind, it apparently does one mean latte with just a single button pr...

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