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Everyone knows the ol' key-under-the-rock trick for hiding your spare keys for guests, but it's not exactly a secure method. Still, sometimes it's preferable to the scheduling nightmare of arranging when and where to hand them off. Not so if Hoard has its way, however. Describing itself as a local...

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May 13, 2014 at 10:04AM
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Google has just snapped up BufferBox, a Waterloo, Ontario-based startup that offers temporary lockers for online purchases much like the ones recently deployed by Amazon. Instead of 7-Elevens and RadioShacks however, the relatively young startup has only just started a deal to install parcel kiosk...

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In our formative years we were kept on the straight and narrow with wireless leashes, and we got in touch with our folks the old-fashioned way -- two cans and a string -- and that's the way we liked it. Modern high school students, though, have a decidedly different take on the best way to drop a li...

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