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Rumor has it that HP is preparing to enter the cloud-based music storage fray. A reader at PreCentral sent in what purports to be a confidential PowerPoint presentation indicating the TouchPad will launch with an HP-branded music and movie store, as well as a smart syncing service that caches frequ...

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April 16, 2011 at 6:11PM
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We'd always taken nuTsie to be an indie app that was going to get most of its traction outside the surly bonds of a corporate partnership, but color us totally wrong. Alltel has announced that Melodeo's iTunes companion app is now available on eleven of its handsets (with more to come in the comin...

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Alright, alright, let's move past the ROKR and V3i and start looking at some more creative ways to shoehorn iTunes onto our phones, mkay? (And no, not the iPhone either -- we said "creative.") Enter "nuTsie," a music client that streams your iTunes library not by actually streaming your media -- t...

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