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Astronomers have spent more than a decade trying to identify the dark substance erupting from geological features on the surface of Europa. Now, a team of researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab believe they've identified the mystery material as sea salt. You know, from the ocean that NASA suspec...

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May 12, 2015 at 11:32PM
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Remember Salt? No, not the tasty mineral humans require in moderate amounts, but the Angelina Jolie movie from this summer. Way late for the theatrical release, but just in time for next week's DVD and Blu-ray retail versions, Sony Pictures has released an iPhone and iPad game based on the film. ...

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Sure, in theory we could use the LifeStraw to purify enough water to quench the thirst of thousands of people, and if Aqua Sciences proves successful in its endeavor to pull water out of thin air, desalinating the seas could prove unnecessary. Nevertheless, Stephen Salter at Edinburgh University in ...

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